Class Descriptions


This class provides the opportunity to experience the endless Pilates repertoire on the reformer and chair in combination with challenging props. Expect to get toned inside and out and leaving the class feeling energized and balanced! Previous experience on Pilates equipment required. ALL LEVELS


This class is an energetic, and challenging full body workout that will sculpt legs, tone arms, flatten and strengthen your core, and make you sweat! Previous experience on Pilates equipment required. LEVEL 2/3


This class is a high intensity class designed to keep your heart rate up and your body moving at all times. It will incorporate all of the equipment. The advanced exercises and demanding pace require students to have a strong background in the world of Pilates. Invigorating and Fun! LEVEL 2/3


Do you run, bike or hike often? If yes, this class is an excellent cross training workout for you. This class will keep your body moving, but also take the time to properly apply Pilates methods and principles. We will effectively and safely take you through exercises that will stretch and lengthen muscles from head to toe. Restore Pilates is safe, gently and stretchy. ALL LEVELS


This fun, and athletic workout combines Pilates Mat exercise with the benefits of the Pilates Tower. Through a system of springs and bars, the equipment supports the body to ensure proper positioning, while providing added resistance for strengthening, toning, and lengthening muscles. Prior experience with the Pilates Tower in addition to Mat work are recommended. ALL LEVELS


This is the perfect way to incorporate cardio into our Pilates routine. Athletic in nature while staying true to the Pilates principles that our body craves. Class is designed to strengthen, tone and make you sweat. Previous experience on Pilates equipment required. LEVEL 2/3


The Pilates Mat class is a great way to strengthen your core muscles, as well as align the whole body using exercises that challenge, yet balance you. You learn Pilates breathing, proper positioning and will leave feeling strong and stretched. No previous Pilates experience required. ALL LEVELS

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