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An energizing flow linking breath to movement, consisting of Surya Namaskars (sun salutations), the five major spinal movements (forward flexion, backbends, lateral flexion, twists, axial extension), balancing and inversions. This practice can be a challenging class. Be prepared to breathe and move. A foundational knowledge of the surya namaskars and ujjayi breath is recommended.

The room is heated from 82-85 degrees.

Level 2/3


This foundational practice focuses on the basics poses of a Vinyasa practice. Learn to combine breath with movement, build strength and flexibility, as well as awareness of alignment. Great for beginners and those who wish to bring it back to the fundamentals.

Room is heated from 82-85 degrees.

All levels.


Basic Yoga is a fundamental root practice for ALL! The class is inspired by Hatha Yoga tradition beautifully fusing the duality of strength and mobility. This class is intelligently sequenced with adequate preparation, longer holds and gems of yogic wisdom. This class is perfect for the beginner or the advanced yogi who wants to ground and stabilize.

Room is heated to 80 degrees.

All levels.


An invigorating and athletic flow of asanas (postures) focusing on strength and dynamic  movement. Prepare to be physically challenged and get sweaty. Knowledge of Sun Salutations is recommended. Not suitable for beginners or people with injuries.

Room heated 82-85 degrees.

Level 3


Relax and renew in this gentle yoga practice designed to melt away stress and tension as well as increase flexibility. Classes focus on breath centric movement, longer holds, and the therapeutics of yoga. The combo of stretch and pranayama is perfect for athletes, chronic illness like diabetes and MS, chronic pain, sleeplessness, stress and for anyone looking to deepen the yoga experience for optimal wellness inside and out.

Heat stays off around 78 Degrees



Learn the tools to deepen awareness, calm the nervous system, and find balance. The strength is in the stillness. Breathing practices (pranayama) are utilized as a tool to promote stillness and concentration. We recommend attending the stretch class before to prepare your body, mind and breath for stillness. The combo of stretch and pranayama is perfect for chronic illness like diabetes and MS, chronic pain, sleeplessness, stress and for anyone looking to deepen the yoga experience for optimal wellness inside and out. (Meditation & Pranayama is only open to attendees of Stretch class prior)

Heat is off stays around 78 degrees.

All levels.


Guided relaxation or Yoga Nidra is an optional add-on to ensure that your yoga practice leaves you balanced and complete. When we limit our practice to only the physical realm we can in fact create more imbalances in our bodies, minds and actions. The practice of stillness is healing, stabilizing and rejuvenating. Make sure that your yoga practice is not exhausting you but rather enlivening your light and energy! (Guided Relaxation is only open to the attendees of the prior class)


Iyengar yoga deals specifically with the nervous system and classes are sequenced in a way that are either heating or cooling to the nervous system, achieving a particular mental, physical or psychological effect. The aspect of ‘timing’ – where poses are held longer – as well as alignment, are two other characteristics that externally mark an Iyengar class.

Iyengar Yoga aims at developing clear and continuous attention, bringing consciousness to each and every part of the body in order to explore the effect of the mind on the body, and the body on the mind. The postures and our body are ultimately vehicles for self-exploration, used to perceive the mind, to develop a quality of reflectiveness, and to achieve greater self-awareness, so that yoga practice becomes a mirror for the self. Through yoga practice our understanding moves from the visible and knowable, to the more subtle. It is a continuous and lifelong process.
Individualized corrections and adjustments for each student and the use of props allow for deeper penetration, and make an Iyengar class accessible to all.

Heated to 80 degrees

All levels.


Level II emphasizes inversions and a more advanced understanding of Iyengar Yoga. Prerequisite for level II must be able to hold Sarvangasana (shoulder stand) for 5-10 minutes.

Heated to 80 degrees

Level 2/3


An special evening flow of asanas (postures) linking breath with movement creating internal heat, strength and flexibility.  A stronger emphasis on twists (rotation), forward bends (flexion) of the spine to calm your energy and prepare you for the end of the day. This practice can be a challenging class so knowledge of Sun Salutations is recommended. Class flows seamlessly Monday & Wednesday into an optional 20 minute guided relaxation or yoga nidra to make this the ultimate, complete, healing practice.

Heated to 82 degrees

Level 2


It is all about your connective tissue. We utilize props for support and hold each pose for anywhere from 2-5 minutes. These long holds help us to shift our focus from only stretching our muscles to applying gentle stress on our connective tissue (fascia, ligament, tendons, even bones!), making these tissues more apt to deal with bigger stresses outside of the yoga room. This class is a wonderful way to slow down and makes a perfect supplement to all of your other activities.

Heat is off stays around 78 degrees.

All levels

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