Sound Journey & Mindful Meditation

Join Terri Barnett and Karla Hope Miller for this beautiful practice designed to incorporate more mindfulness into your everyday life. You’ll leave feeling refreshed, renewed, and peaceful.

No meditation experience or special attire required. We suggest bringing anything that will make you feel more comfortable: a yoga mat, bolster, blanket, whatever you may need.

$45 Drop-In, $25 for Yoga & Pilates Members


Karla Hope Miller, received the gift of offering Sonic Alchemy over twelve years ago, connecting sound to our dharma.  A native of Colorado, Karla connects intuitively with the sounds and vibrations of the Gongs, Crystal Bowls, Crystal harps, chimes, and tuning forks. She works with clients privately using Astrology and also in a group setting through Deep Sound Journeys, offering collective consciousness through the gift of sound & vibration.

Sound Journeys are the divine healing tool for individuals. Inviting and offering access to cosmic sounds and vibrations by bringing the heavenly energies into the body.  Because our bodies are made up of ruffly 80% water but are solid. Sound waves can pass through our skin, organs, tissues, right down to the very cells of our energy bodies.  Offering the body healing frequencies to a cellar level in the body.  A reboot and coming back to a balance within our centerline. Yin and Yang.