with Evan Soroka!

Sunday, September 8 | 2 – 6 PM

Inside our bodies’ subtle makeup is a wealth of knowledge. The chakra model is like a road map to uncovering these hidden intuitive gems.

Until recently sacred practices were highly coveted by yogic
masters and remained a secret. Now we have access to many precious teachings but they remain largely misunderstood. Chakra sadhana is one of those cherished practices that you can experience under the careful guidance of a skilled teacher.

Think of the chakras like energetic centers that hold the answers to your deepest seeded tendencies, beliefs and hang-ups. In tantra, chakra practice is called Laya Yoga or the yoga of dissolution. The intention is to dissolve the chakras to uncover freedom and truth.

Join certified yoga therapist Evan Soroka for a special self-care ritual, chakra sadhana. You will learn how to work with each chakra through sacred energetics sequenced through movement, breath, mantra, and meditation.

$75 O2 Yoga Members; $100 Non-Members

Sunday, September 9 | 2 – 6 pm


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