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October 12, 2016
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January 13, 2017

Pilates for Ski Conditioning

A skier’s ability to flow with gravity along the fall line of a slope is influenced by his confidence, skill, and fitness. Skiing, like other saggital/forward plane movements such as walking and running, requires leading from the heart, not the hips. Fear and or lack of confidence can force a skier into a posture commonly referred to as “sitting in the back seat.” In this posture, the hips are well behind the heels and the pelvis tucked under. Instead of aligning his femur bones to the gradient of the slope, the skier looks as though he were reclining on a chair. Controlling one’s skis, absorbing vibration and maintaining agility in changing terrain is challenged in this stance. Sitting the backseat inhibits breathing, shortens the abdominals, and adds additional stress to the spine, hips and knees. Using Pilates we can help our clients to develop the core strength, flexibility, and alignment to maintain a tall, correctly aligned stance.