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February 16, 2017
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February 21, 2017

The Overlooked Importance of Gratitude

As a child I was always brought up to be thankful and to count my blessings. As I moved through my years, it was always those special times throughout the year that I remembered to be thankful, such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, and mine or my family’s Birthdays. Depending on how we were brought up, whether coming from a religious background or not, I believe most of our parents have taught us the importance of gratitude.

The significance of having a consistent practice of gratitude is so important on so many different levels. I didn’t really realize this until my late 20’s when I began to immerse myself into my yoga practice daily, where we would begin with setting an intention or personal blessing for that particular class. My yoga practice gave me a sacred time and place for me to give gratitude for even the simplest little things in life. I believe the reason that gratitude becomes overlooked is because we all live such busy lives and forget how easy this simple ritual is + how effective it can be in making us all live a more fulfilled abundant life.
There are many ways to find or have a practice, ritual, that you can fit into your daily routine. I’m going to offer you a few ways, so that you can make it more available + simple to put it into your daily practice. Taking 5-10 mins out of your day, has the potential to make an ever so sweet shift here in your life...for the better.
1. Pick 3 things in the morning that you would like to be grateful for that day. Sit with your feet planted into the ground, close your eyes + start to visualize those 3 things you are thankful for that exact day. Then imagine a golden light from up above, moving through your body from the crown of your head through to the soles of your feet. Imagine that golden light moving back up from the soles of your feet, through your entire body and out through the crown of your head, let it be a healing light. Try to be with this for 10 mins and visualize as you sit with your set personal prayers.

2. Another option, Is to take 5-10 mins in the afternoon or on your lunch break. Take a walk and get outside into nature. Getting some fresh air and being outside is so refreshing and a great time to be appreciative. Take some time to give thanks for whatever the day has brought you so far and to make some new positive vibes for the rest of your day.

3. The last option I have for you if you don’t have time is this...I like to lay in bed before I fall to sleep + review my day of all the good things that happened, how thankful I am for all of those special moments. Most of the time I will add on to that for even the most simplest things, as for my breath, the pillow I’m sleeping on, the roof over my head, and my sweet little angle of a dog, Jaxson. The list can go on and on, until I can fall asleep, which therefore puts me into a good mindset to fall asleep with.
So what option are you going to try first? Maybe you can try all 3 + find the one that resonates with you the most? Whatever you end up with or decide to choose, know that what you are doing for yourself is only going to feed your soul and those around you. The more we all have gratitude in our lives the more abundance we will feel, the more we are able to give and the more we are able to receive all the goodness that has been presented to each and everyone of us. Whether we have a positive or negative outlook on life, there is always the sweetness that life just need to be the willing recipient to partake and take the extra time somewhere in your day to give gratitude and know that we all deserve the greatness in life!!