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October 20, 2016

What is Micro Needling?

What IS Micro Needling?!

A new results driven treatment called Microneedling has found its way into our luxury spa and has my clients raving about their plump, young smooth skin!

So what is Microneedling anyway?

Microneedling is a skin repair treatment that exfoliates the skin through painless “micro-needles.” This treatment encourages your own natural growth factors to come out and repair themselves. When we exfoliate it increases our "cell turn over" rate and this is what keeps collagen and elastin production stimulated. As we age the cell turn over rate process gets slower and slower leaving the skin saggy, scarred and sun damaged. Microneedling encourages the production of collagen and elastin and gives a much more significant boost compared to the suggested weekly exfoliation. The treatment and repair is 100% natural. Botox, fillers- move out of the way!

What happens after the microneedling treatment?

After a client receives this non-invasive treatment, they will have little downtime with redness and sensitivity that could be compared to a mild sunburn. By day 2, the client is back to normal and with each session the skin is improved. I love this treatment. It is perfect for those who don’t have time to deal with “downtime.” As a working mother myself, I am always on the go and around ALOT of people. Having to go into hiding post peel or laser just doesn’t fit into my schedule! (Not to mention the look after a peel or laser…scary!) Working side by side with Doctor V. Barrett as an assistant medical aesthetician and now running O2 Aspen's spa, I have seen how long the most aggressive recovery time can be. 10 days of hiding for some!

What device do you use for Microneedling?

There are multiple devices for this treatment and my favorite (and what we use at O2 Aspen) is called the Rejuvapen. After years of training and experience, this is the device I stand behind. (I prefer a “pen” over a “roller” because I have found that a "roller" styled tool pulls and tears the skin instead of direct contact).

Why do you love Microneedling?

I consider Microneedling like a 401k for my skin. It isn't a treatment that you see immediate results from (like a facial where one could be glowing right after). Microneedling is best done in a series and will simulate your own natural growth factors to come out at a more rapid rate for up to 6 months after your last treatment. With a few sessions a client will significantly notice the reduction of fine lines, wrinkles, pore size, and an overall tightening of skin. Plumper, younger looking skin is not the extent of Microneedling’s benefits. Microneedling can treat not only the face but can improve blemishes any on part of the entire body! Micro needling has clinically proven the improvement of stretch marks, scars, and hair growth stimulation. (These treatments have a recommended series requirement before seeing results and many factors are involved when considering buying a series). Being an aesthetician, I am skin obsessed but I never want to do filler and I don’t have to because I have found micro needling.We are all fighting the inevitable aging process- but I choose to do it naturally and with a little more grace!