Finding relaxation and stress during the winter months

Self care often goes out the window during the short days of winter, but it might be the time of year when we need it most. It’s hard to believe in a ski town, but in many cultures, winter is the season of rest. Saying no to a party or obligation once or twice a week this month to take a yoga class, receive a spa treatment or just to bed early might be the secret to a healthy and happy winter season. Here, three ways O2 can help you find peace in the chaos.

As our sense of smell is directly wired to the brain’s centers of memory and emotion, incorporating essential oils into your life is one of the easiest ways to promote relaxation, mentally and physically. Essential oils have been used for centuries to promote relaxation and mental and physical wellness and a growing body of research shows that essential oils can provide relief for disrupted sleep and improve sleep quality in adults, as well as easing stress and anxiousness.

We love Vitruvi’s beautiful stone diffusers ($150) and quality essential oils. The potent and versatile oils can scent the air through a diffuser or be mixed into baths, body oils, laundry detergent and more. The beautifully-crafted stone diffusers offer a clean and elegant, vessel to distribute effective essential oils while also increasing the humidity of the air nearby--something our skin always craves in Aspen. Once you own a Vitruvi diffuser, the essential oil cocktail options are endless. Vituvi’s organic French Lavender essential oil ($20) soothes, calms and perfects any bedtime ritual. In addition to improving sleep quality and increasing sleep amounts, lavender has been shown to reduce anxiety and combat the effects of depression. Lavender can even help with pain relief. Indian Frankincense ($20) is a grounding, resinous essential oil that helps with relaxation and reflection. Its antioxidant properties can help reduce the visibility of fine lines, while its woodsy, spicy aroma makes it great for meditation.

O2 Spa Treatment
There’s no better time for an O2 Spa Treatment than during cold, long winter. O2’s spa was designed to calm, promote relaxation and celebrate self care. Cooler shades of grey and white and serene artwork by local photographer Kate Holstein help guide guests to a more peaceful state of mind serene artwork. This winter, try a Deep Tissue Massage, which stretches and soothes sore muscles with arnica and deep pressure on the fascia that will improve blood and lymphatic circulation and stimulate stretch reflexes (starting from $185). The O2 Signature Facial with Biologique Recherche features the renowned French skincare line. The customized treatment is designed to rejuvenate, sculpt, purify, illiminate, purify and hydrate. But perhaps most important, the treatment will leave you feeling calm, relaxed and ready for anything.

O2 Foam Rolling Class & VIBE Roller
Utilizing VIBE Rollers and exercise concepts developed over three decades of athletic training, O2’s Foam Rolling Classes promote vibration self-myofascial release to resolve musculoskeletal pain, optimize athletic movement and performance, and correct joint and muscle imbalances. It’s the perfect class for a ski town, where locals and visitors push their bodies to the max. Self care like foam rolling can provide muscle release, but also stress release. A local licensed massage therapist, personal trainer and ultra-runner, Trey Barnes is teaches O2’s foam rolling classes which use vibration massage tools to activate muscles before stretching them. He sees yogis with muscles that are too flexible and aren’t firing properly and strong mountain town clientele with muscles that are short, tight and need to be loosened. “Stretching and Pilates is like brushing your teeth,” says Barnes. “Foam rolling is like flossing. Combine them all for a healthier, happier life.”

For stress relief and self-recovery at home, O2 sells the Myo Pro by VIBE ($150), a high-power percussion massager that kneads directly into large knots and sore spots to loosen them while stimulating blood flow. Not only does it guarantee a painless deep tissue massage, the Myo Pro helps speed up recovery and reduce inflammation.