Style File: Caroline Elizabeth Grant

Welcome to June Style File. Meet Caroline Grant, O2 staff member and Approval Box Stylist. Hailing from Stamford, CT, Caroline moved to LA after college where she handled events and marketing for Beyond Yoga. It was at this job where she fell in love with activewear, and the entire lifestyle around it. Caroline's passion for the outdoors eventually brought her to Colorado where she decided to settled down and make it home. Not long after this decision Caroline joined the team at O2 Aspen. 


Caroline's passion for style, health and fashion go perfectly hand in hand for approval box stylist; putting together customized shopping boxes for our customers. 


Here we get to know Caroline a little bit better and learn a bit about her style inspirations and beyond:


Caroline Elizabeth Grant


Stamford, CT

Role at O2: 

Front desk staff, stylist and eComm approval box builder (a.k.a stylist)

Who is your style inspiration?

A huge style inspiration for me is Victoria Beckham. She is always so effortless and put together, she's never overdone. She recently collabed with Reebok for a collection that we sell at O2. The pieces from that line are an extension of her personal style and simple yet so flattering!

What is your favorite workout and why? 

I LOVE pilates :) For someone with bad knees, it is a low impact workout that makes me feel stronger and fitter without taking a painful toll on my body. The instructors that we have at O2 are unbelievable at tailoring every workout to fit you your specific needs and it has really transformed my body. Pilates has made me feel longer, leaner, and stronger than I ever have before! 

Wardrobe staple you can't live without? 

Working for a brand like O2 I have definitely discovered the importance of finding your favorite black leggings! My current obsession is my pair of Splits59 Airweight High Waisted Leggings. They are the softest most buttery feeling leggings I have ever felt. They are the definition of a staple for me. I love that I can wear them to work, but all it takes to meet friends at happy hour is a change of shirt and shoes! 

Favorite product in o2 right now? 

As far as workout apparel goes, we just got in a brand new shipment of Ultracor for summer that I am currently obsessing over :) All of the styles are bright and bold and scream summer to me! Plus its compressive fabric is absolutely amazing at holding everything in and giving me an extra confidence boost. Another brand that I am really excited about is Mikoh! They make the world's cutest swimsuits. I currently have my eye on a textured hot pink bikini that we got in last week 😍

How do you approach styling/approval boxes? Is there any motto you go by when advising clients?

I like to reach out to clients before I send anything so that we are on the same page for what they are looking for and what they feel is missing from their closets. After that, if they give me their Instagram handle I'll look them up to make sure I'm sending things that will resonate with their personal style. That being said, I think part of the fun of getting an approval box is that the contents are a surprise to you until you receive it! So I make sure to throw in an outfit or two that I think will look amazing on the client but might be a little out of the box from their personal style, and to be honest those are the outfits that clients keep most often. I think we all can find ourselves stuck in a rut when we are shopping for ourselves and too often we end up buying variations of the same styles. When someone else is shopping for you and sending you pieces I think people have an open mind about what they are being sent and are willing to mix up their style a little! 

 Three must-have items every woman should have in their closet?

Not to sound repetitive but the number one must-have item is an amazing pair of black leggings, they are the ultimate day-to-night piece! The second would have to be a denim jacket. I think every woman has or should have a denim jacket that is pretty much their go-to for any occasion. In a town like Aspen where summer days can be in the 80s but the nights can be in the 50s it is essential to have a denim jacket to throw on when the temperatures quickly drop! Lastly, I think every woman needs a great pair of white sneakers! It may sound simple, but they seriously can go with any outfit. Need something to pair with a t-shirt and jeans? White sneakers. How about a black midi dress? White sneakers. And of course, black leggings and a denim jacket? White sneakers!


Best fashion advice you have ever received?

If you're not comfortable, you're not going to look comfortable!