5 At-home Pilates Moves for a Stronger Core

While we are all quarantine, many of us may be exploring new and fun ways to workout in the confines of home. Our very own Jenna Meyer, O2 Pilates instructor extraordinaire, has let us in on 5 moves for a stronger core, that can be easily done in the living room, backyard or bedroom. All you need is a mat! 

“The center of you is your core “, says Jenna. "Core is the center of life and if you don’t keep movin' it you will be losin' it! It is so important to have a strong core to keep your body healthy and stable. Movement heals."

Workouts on your mat:
• Bicycle crunches- I’m an oblique freak and love slower bicycles (knee to opposite elbow) and really freezing side to side. 1 minute 3x for a good burn!
 V ups- arms and legs extend long - using your abs to curl up into a V. Really burns the WHOLE core.  1 minute 3x Lower abs-the hardest to target. 

Lower Abs Series:
 Basic Leg Lifts- head curled up or down -45 seconds
 Scissors- head curled up or down-cross cross legs up to the sky and nice and low- 45 seconds
 Flutter kicks- head up or down- legs low- little baby kicks- 45 seconds

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