O2's Summer to Fall Reading List

There is nothing quite like reading a great book in the summer season and also in those cozy fall months. As we near September, and anticipate another month or two of beautiful weather, there is still plenty of time to get in a good amount of reading time while the temps are warmer, under the summer sun; or perhaps on a crisp breezy night. 

Here we share some of our favorite summer reads that will have your nose buried in books for months to come.

Brittany Van Domelan, O2 Owner 

Julia Whipple, O2 COO
By Kiley Reid
I just finished this book and loved it. Kiley Reid is a brilliant storyteller who explores race and privilege through her dynamic characters.

Meredith Brooks, Marketing Manager
Bruna Velloso, O2 Buyer 
Book by Ayaan Hirsi Ali (It is frightening though and it makes you aware of changing times and how we need to be careful that in our effort to be kind to people who are less fortunate than ourselves.)

    Brooke Danielson, O2 eComm Director

    Andrea Major, O2 Front Desk Manager

    Alexa Kubica, O2 Studio Director 

    This book is a beautiful explanation of how our chakras (energetic centers in our body) develop over the course of our lives and how each of our experiences impacts that development. I love learning about why we are the way that we are and how we can create a better life for ourselves!
    Trey Barnes, Spa Director
    Authors: Scott JohnstonSteve HouseKílian Jornet Burgada
    This book covers the science and strategies behind training for adventures in the mountains from the ground up.  Whether you're an elite athlete or weekend warrior you'll have many take-aways from this book.  First hand stories from many athletes sprinkled through help break up some of the drier science sections.  Regardless of your ability you'll be able to suffer better after reading this book!